Friday, February 26, 2010

W: Round haircut with graduation formula

1. This haircut does not require a round one length haircut to start it.

2. Section hair with natural part to crown and extended it down middle of nape. A center part on top may work as well here. Make another part from apex to behind ears.

3. Make part from front hairline slightly above eyebrow and slanting down and above ear about 1/2 ". Extend this part to the part from apex to behind ear described in 2. above. This is a diagonal back section.

4. Pull section parallel to part and elevate to 45 degrees and cut. Hair is over directed a little toward face to keep the shape of round cut with length increasing toward back. This is the same as in cutting the round one length haircut. This also puts the hair where it is worn.

Added note: Elevation is 45 degrees down from the horizontal in the room. One set of instructions says to keep this consistent. The elevation down 45 degrees from horizontal is down from a line parallel to the floor at the top of the section. This is the same as elevation up 45 degrees from a line parallel to the floor at the bottom of the section.

5. Take more sections up the head at same angle. Comb to previous section as guide and cut at 45 degrees. Work up to complete sections along the natural part. This hair is combed down onto the previous section. It is then elevated with the previous section to 45 degrees from the head and it is cut to the guide provided in the previously cut section.

6. Do opposite front same as above.

7. Go to back section and part off sections parallel to hairline.

8. Elevate to 45 degrees from head and cut

9. Continue with parallel partings and extend them to other side in back when you reach the middle of nape. Elevate to 45 degrees. The guide is to the previous section.

10. Work around the back keeping the cutting round by following the curve of the head. This will cut into the other quadrant in the back in the nape before finishing the original back quadrant.

11. Move to other back section and repeat.
12. Cross check front with diagonal back sections at same elevation.

What I don't know:
a. Center part or natural part on top?
b. Can vertical graduation also be used on sides and back?

Review PM Round one length with graduation.
This is very similar to cutting the one length round hair cut but the hair is elevated to 45 degrees as it is cut. The guide is taken from the previously cut section.

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