Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Finishing a haircut

Many haircuts use the same finishing methods. I will outline these methods so I can memorize them and not put them into the formulas for different haircuts.

1. Check the haircut by sectioning the hair opposite to how it was done in the haircut. For example if one part of the hair was done in vertical subsections, the checking would be by sub sectioning it with horizontal subsections. Elevation must be to the same level as originally cut.

2. Add the product of your choice to the hair to prepare it for blow drying. This is an important step.

3. Blow dry the hair while brushing it side to side and front to back until it is 80% dry. It is important to get the hair near the scalp dry so the final design does not collapse. I have heard that it also lifts the hair from the scalp to give volume to the final design.

4. Re-section the hair as it was done in the haircut and blow dry the sub sections of the hair with a brush to control its final placement in the design. Many people seem to use Denman brushes for this. Others prefer round brushes.

5. Recheck the perimeter of the haircut and define it especially for the client. This might employ techniques like point cutting a part of the perimeter or interior, using shear over comb or clipper over comb to blend transition areas

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