Friday, February 19, 2010

W:One length haircut- same length front, back and sides formula

1. Part from center of forehead to nape and from apex to behind ears. Can also use natural part on top if preferred by client. Connect natural part to center nape through crown.
2. At center back, part 1/2" horizontal sections from nape hairline both sides.
3. Hold hair in comb parallel to floor and cut at desired length. Do both sides
4. Work up to line from apex to ears.
5. Move to sides. Drop 1/2 to 1" section on side. Comb hair down and split over ear.
6. Use section behind ear and cut to guide from the nape area. Then cut piece in front of ear. Stand on side of head.
7. Next section on side is 1/2". Comb straight down and compensate for protrusion of ear by tapping hair with shears over ear. Then cut to guide from front section.
8. Work up to part.
9. Repeat on other side.

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