Monday, March 8, 2010

W: One length, below shoulders, longer to front of shoulder

This is a variation on the standard one length and the triangular one length. The back is cut square at one length and the side is cut with the hair directed to the back to give a progressively longer length from the shoulder to the front.

1. Take a center part from forehead to nape.

2. Take diagonal forward part from occipital bone to mid ear level on each side.

3. Comb to natural fall and hold with comb in the back. Cut flat with the floor.

4. Take next sections from the tops of the ears to the crown on a line parallel with the first parting.

5. Comb down to previous guide in back and cut to guide.

6. Next section is made with a horse shoe shaped part at upper crown and directed slightly diagonal forward.

7. Comb the back down and cut to the previous guide.

8. Comb side down and over direct over the shoulder to the back outside the back hair and cut to the guide in back.

9. Repeat on other side.

10. Continue with horse shoe shaped partings up to the center parting.

11. Back is combed straight down and sides are over directed back and over shoulder outside the back section.

The design gives a flat perimeter in the back and a perimeter of slightly increasing length as the hair comes forward of the shoulder.

(The same effect could be done with the horse shoe shaped part broken into two parts. The first would go from the top crown to a line from the apex to behind the ear. The second part would be from the line from behind the ear to the front hairline. The first section, in the back, would be combed down the back and cut to the guide. The second section ,on the side, would be over directed back over the shoulder and cut to the guide. )

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