Wednesday, June 2, 2010

w: One length square with layers.

1. Cut the one length square haircut as described in a previous post.
2. Make four sections with parts down center top and through nape. Other part is from Apex to behind the ears.
3. Center part from apex to front hairline. Make a 1 inch section here.
4. Measure length of hair behind ear. Use this as the guide to length at the front hairline for the center section on top of head.
5. Cut the hair in the center top section flat to the ceiling at the guide length from front hairline to apex.
6. Continue to take sections to the side of the center top section and cut to the guide from the previous section. Work to the to the parietal ridge.
7. Cut the other side of the top the same way.
8. Extend the length on the top through the crown. Do this by extending the length down the middle first from the apex to the crown. Then take sections to the side of this section and cut all flat to the ceiling.
9. Do the other side of apex to crown section.
10. Move to front hairline. Take vertical sections and pull to 90 degrees to the side using the hair from the top as the guide. Cut flat to the wall. Work your way back to the mastoid process area.
11. Do the other side from the front hairline the same way.
12. Move to the center back below the crown. Take vertical sections and pull straight back at 90 degrees and cut flat to the wall behind. Work to the mastoid area pulling the sections straight back to the wall behind. These sections will not cut the low hair in the nape because that hair will not reach the guide from the crown area.
13. Cross check using sections that are horizontal where the hair has been cut in vertical sections.

Review PM one length square with layering.
By cutting the top flat to the ceiling and the sides flat to the wall, a corner is created along the parietal ridge.
By cutting sides flat to the wall on side and the back to the wall behind, a corner is created in the mastoid area.

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