Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Using thinning shears to reduce weight

Saw a video using thinning shears to reduce weight. The stylist emphasized making 3 cuts along the length of the hair to get good reduction in weight.
This stylist pulled section out at 90 degrees from the head and made a cut about an inch from the scalp and then another inch further from the scalp and finally a third cut about an inch further from the scalp.
This technique worked well in this demonstration. This was done in a woman's style where the hair was about 4 inches long. This may need fewer cuts in shorter hair???

In cutting Asian hair on men, I have used a two cut thinning technique to reduce weight around the crown to help it to lie down. This seemed to work. Using one cut along the shaft of the hair did not work well.
Plan to try a third cut to see if this is even more effective.

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