Friday, May 14, 2010

Nose hairs

If I ask about this service, many men want a trim of the nose hairs as much as they want their ear hairs trimmed. Many who want the service will not initially ask for it. Once it has been done, a lot will request this service. Most of the men complain they cannot see where to cut inside of the nose. Others don't have scissors they trust up their nose.

Getting the right tool makes this somewhat easier. A pair of scissors with rounded ends can be bought at beauty supply stores. I have also seen them in regular drug stores. They are some times labelled for nose and ear use. The usual length is about 3 to 4 inches.
The rounded ends make you and the client more comfortable.

For long hairs sticking out of the nose, a trimmer can cut them off at the nasal opening. This is usually a more temporary fix.

Preparing the nose for cutting
As preparation for cutting the nose hairs, have the client blow his nose on both sides. Blowing the nose is just the beginning. Next have them put tissue on a finger and wipe the inner part of the nose in a circular motion going around the entire opening. Special attention is to be given to the top of the inner wall of the nose opening. Both sides of wall between the nose openings should be as clean as possible.

A little mucous will not interfere with trimming the hair. The walls of the nasal openings are frequently moist.

Cutting the hair
The idea in cutting this hair is to reduce the length while not cutting the client. A good cut is to reduce the hair length to about 1/8 of an inch. Do not try to completely remove the hair.
Be prepared that many people experience a tickling discomfort during this procedure. Ask the client to be particularly still and to warn you if they need to sneeze.

Tip the client's head back and aim the nose opening to the brightest light.

Insert the scissors slowly and keep the blade close to the side of the nasal opening. Don't touch the nose with the scissors at the front or along the sides. The point/ball should be aimed slightly more toward the center to be sure it does not poke the client.

Start at one point of the opening cutting the hair slowly and methodically. Work your way around the perimeter cutting hair as you come to it. Don't be misled into just chasing long hairs.
When you get to the top of the wall between the nasal openings, look for the recess under the top of the nose near the front. This is frequently an area of dense hair growth. It will be the first place for hair to stick out because it is so close to the front. Do both openings.

Have the client check the work
After finishing the cutting, have the client feel the inside of the nose to see if you missed anything. A tissue for cleaning up is appreciated after this.

Clean you tools and wash your hand
Scissors and hands have to be thoroughly washed after this service. The scissors can be dried and soaked in Barbicide.

If blood has been drawn, Universal Precautions should be followed. You will need to put on rubber gloves, double bag the clean up paper or cloth, wash and disinfect everything. Treat everything like it is infected with AIDS.

Follow up
Check out the nose hairs on everyone you see. Some like your barber, your significant other, stylist, dentist, etc are particularly concerned about looking well groomed.


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