Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rotating the comb to change the size of teeth being used

Was practicing the exercise of parting, securing the section and then cutting. Noticed the wide teeth of the comb worked better for the initial comb through and the initial part lines. The fine teeth seemed more controlling for combing out the section.

Would start with the wide teeth and then go to the fine teeth by placing the comb in my left hand and then picking it up again. Figured there had to be a more efficient way to do this and went back to review some DVDs.

The one that seemed easiest for changing from the wide teeth to the fine teeth was to twirl the comb around the fingers so what had been up was down.

I slowed the playback down so I could see it. Would suggest this be practiced with the shears in the hand in the safe position with the points not going to the model's head.

Hold the comb in the usual combing position with the thumb on the side of the comb near you and the first two fingers on the side away from you. The shears are already in place using whatever safe position you like with the points either pointing up or down. I used the one with the points going down so the tang of the ring finger hole was between the second and third finger.

Lift the first finger up and move it from the side away from you to the side near you. Then release the thumb and the comb will begin to rotate with the top going away from you. Stick the thumb under the end of the comb near you and push it up to continue the rotation. This will trap the comb between the first finger and the thumb.

Only adjustment is to curl the first two fingers to you slightly before starting the rotation. This will keep the rotating comb from hitting the tang of the shears and from hitting the third and fourth fingers.

I enjoy this move and the one to rotate the shears to the point down position because the are quick and seem to make the work more efficient.

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